Tap, Tap, Tap

Desk Set - Jan. 21, 2014

This has been my main view for the last week or so, with projects, proposals, and applications dominating my time. We’ll see how the latter two areas play out, but the first of two major Aligator Pop site projects — an SEO overhaul, so people can more easily find it — is complete, and a second is in progress. I hope it proceeds quickly. I’m ready to get back to writing and then actually hitting the “publish” button!

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A Bit of a Chill

DSM Leaves - Fall 2013

According to the forecasters, we’re all dealing with cold fronts this week and next. Some of us are affected quite a bit more than others, however. Here in the Tampa Bay area, yesterday’s high was in the 60s, which is cool if you’re used to 90-degree temps! 😀

The photo above is one of my remaining unpublished shots from Iowa. I’m not missing the weather up there! We’ll take that trip to the zoo next week. ❦

P.S. I relaunched Aligator Pop with a re-skinned theme and some questions for YOU, my dear readers! Please check it out and give me a shout back.

Florida! + November Update

Welcome to Florida - Fall 2013

The sale of my house closed, I bolted out of Iowa (just ahead of the really cold weather), and the brother’s (and new sis-in-law’s) wedding was lovely. Now it’s time to dig in, deal with being between both homes and jobs, and get back down to business. Just like the sign above suggests. 😉

In that spirit, I updated this site with a new layout/theme/framework.

  • Now Kitty-mon, a.k.a. my most frequent photo target subject, watches over Absolute Aligator‘s visitors. >^..^<
  • The layout has the ability to feature larger and more frequent photos.
  • And it also includes a long-overdue update of my social media links, if you’re so inclined to follow/play along.

This week and the next are still a bit up in the air, but I have a rather large backlog of photos to post — including some from my visit to Des Moines’ Blank Park Zoo — so there’s some fun stuff in the queue! ❦