Bright Eyes

Sam - Bright Eyes - Nov. 2013

Earlier this week, after lunch in Sarasota with a friend, I stopped by my mom’s to play with Sam… and remembered I had photos of him that I hadn’t posted, yet. It’s rare to catch him in a relatively still pose. I like this particular shot because you can see his super-alert eyes. Very little gets past this one! 😉

From Iowa to Florida and Back

Gator(!)Hello Kitty

I was just looking through the archives, and things always seem to happen during the summer, don’t they?

The vast majority of my belongings are in storage, and my home is officially up for sale. But before settling in to a routine of job hunting in between real estate showings, I packed Kitty-mon in the truck and made a stealth trip down to Florida.

It was my first time back in six years, and I intentionally kept it low-key — mostly family and business. So if I didn’t see you, please don’t be offended, and please consider this your heads up that I will be making contact this fall. 😉

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