No Expiration Date

Criterion - Chungking Express - Sept. 2012

Thanks to awesome folks on Twitter, I found out Criterion’s Blu-ray of Chungking Express was going OOP, and I went ahead and snagged a copy.

Did Takeshi Kaneshiro look that young the last time I watched this film?

While the rest of us have all grown older, Officer 223 will always remain just short of 25.  ✈

Get Well, Kitty-mon. >^..^<

Kitty-mon (May 2012)

Like most people, there are things that stress me out — like work — that I handle fairly well, most of the time. Then there are things that STRESS ME OUT.

I’ve been dealing with the second kind this last week or so. The Cat is sick, and it’s requiring her to spend a few nights at the vet so they can monitor her. I’m relieved her issue is something that can be treated, but ugh… I’m still stressed out… the boldfaced, all-caps variety of stressed out. Get well, Kitty-mon!!!